Are you someone who is looking for an International Calling App so that you can communicate with your near and dear ones in the same or another country? If yes, then you have come to the right place  as is considered to be the best international calling app for iPhone and Android users where you will be able to make international calls at a very affordable rate.

Nowadays, making an international call is no longer considered as expensive as before, as we have a lot of apps which are known to provide international calling for Android and iPhone users. However, there are also several fake apps that claim to provide good quality, but fails to do so, and in such a situation it becomes difficult for users to trust these apps. But we are here to solve this problem as we came up with the most affordable and best international calling app where users can make international calls conveniently at a very affordable price. In addition, we use the same infrastructure for routing calls as used by some of the Fortune top 10 companies in the United States. So, offers quality service that you can trust. Let's find out some of the features provided by that help you to have the best calling experience.


Call anyone, anywhere, anytime:

With, customers can make calls to any country in the world. Customers can subscribe to packages for some countries and pay a flat monthly rate or use pay-as-you-go model to call or text. Remaining balance in pay-as-you-go model does not expire, and customers can also transfer balance between accounts on


Send, Receive a text message to International countries:

With, in addition to making calls, users can also send and receive text messages to/from International countries at a very low price. Text messages can be sent and/or received using the customer’s personal phone number, or users can use the additional phone number purchased from


Purchase phone numbers:

With users can also take advantage of purchasing phone numbers from 60 countries and link to the personal phone number. Users can use the phone numbers purchased to mask the personal phone number and make/receive calls and text messages. This will help with not exposing user’s personally identifiable information i.e., phone number in this case and use the phone numbers purchased for calls and text messages.



We provide best quality services to our customers. Users can make app to app calls or users can also call mobiles and landlines directly. For example, if the person on the other end does not have Internet  or has bad Internet connectivity, user can call the person directly using app by dialing the number. There are several countries in the world where reliable Internet is still out of reach. Even when there is Internet, it may or may not be reliable all the time. We use the best infrastructure providers without any compromise in quality of service. We take pride in the quality of service we provide and strive to be the best. Moreover, we provide services at a very affordable price for making international calls and texts with the best quality.



We are here to provide the best services. We provide the best quality calling and texting features to our clients. There are no hidden charges and our pricing is transparent to our clients. All transaction history, packages subscribed, expiry date of packages, available account balance, call history and call rates are available for users to see in both website and app. For purchases made through the website and app, a confirmation email is also sent to the customers. We believe that being transparent helps build better relation with our customers.


Convenience and ease of use:

Using app, customers can directly call, text and IM to the numbers from contact list. Customers can buy credits, make purchases i.e., purchase International packages and Phone numbers directly from the website and app using credit card or in-app purchases. Customers can also transfer balance between user accounts on Users can make/receive calls, send/receive messages, IM, purchase phone numbers and all of these features are available directly from the app at the user’s finger tips in Users can use to go to the website or download the app from Appstore orPlaystore.