Before we answer the question about why, let us look into what is and how services are provided. enables people to connect with their families, friends, and colleagues around the world in 200 countries at any time by leveraging cloud and VoIP technologies. offers communication products and services handling voice, video, SMS and chat that connect the future (current generation i.e. mobiles) with legacy (previous generation i.e. landlines) by providing reliable service at an economical price. from a logical and practical approach:

Now let us look into why Why does customers have to use when there are free apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime? Using WhatsApp or FaceTime, calls cannot be made to the landlines numbers. Person on the other end (callee) must have Internet to receive the call.


However, using, voice and/or video call can be made directly to the person with app and if the person on the other end does not have Internet, calls can still be made directly using the app. In addition, users cannot send text messages using WhatsApp or FaceTime.


Why does customers have to use for sending text messages to International countries? Sending text messages to International countries have been expensive unless the user subscribes to a monthly package at the carrier. Using, users can send text messages Internationally at a fraction of the cost of the carrier’s monthly package. If a customer subscribes to the carrier’s monthly package, payment needs to be made regardless of using the service or not. However, with, customers can send SMS to International destinations using pay-as-you-go model i.e. pay for what you use. In addition, users cannot purchase additional US phone numbers or phone numbers belonging to other countries from carriers and link to the existing phonenumber.


What distinguishes Using, customers can make voice, video calls, send text and also purchase a virtual phone number and associate with personal phone number. Customers can subscribe to calling packages on a monthly, 6-month or 1-year basis. Customers also have the option of pay-as-you-go i.e. pay for only what you use. Available balance can also be transferred to another account on Customers can make purchases using credit card and in-app purchases directly from the app. As payment gateways charge a fee to process the payment, usually telecom service providers do not give the option to make a payment in the app using credit card. However, provides all of these features for customer convenience and still offer best rates for calling and texting. How about some usecases?


What are some use cases that the customers can avail? A customer who is an immigrant residing in the United States has a bank account in the country of birth. The customer cannot receive OTP (one-time password) on the US number from his or her country of birth. In this case, the customer can purchase a virtual phone number tied to birth place and associate with personal phone number in the US to receive OTP. Similarly, corporations requiring multiple phone numbers for  conference calls, meetings can also purchase the available phone numbers in bulk. Above all, in this Bitcoin era, security and privacy has come to the forefront above all. So, a user can mask the personal phone number and use the phone number(s) purchased from to make, receive calls, text/OTP without exposing the personal phone number. These are some of the reasons and use cases as to why customers should use So, why not download the free app today and call someone! Go to or scan the QR code below to download!!