Get Phone Number

Purchase local and/or International phone numbers from 60 countries.

Use cases to purchase phone number:

  1. If you are attending a business-related conference and do not want to provide your personal number, you can provide the purchased phone number which is linked to your personal phone number and mask your personal number when making or receiving calls.
  2. If you want to take interview calls and want to provide a different phone number from the same or another country, you can provide the purchased phone number.
  3. If you want a phone number belonging to another country to receive OTP from that country, you can purchase destination country’s phone number and link to your personal number.
  4. If you do multiple jobs or run multiple businesses and need to keep the phone numbers associated with multiple jobs or businesses separate, but still have one main phone number, you can purchase multiple phone numbers and link to the main phone number.
  5. If you are in marketing and need to have various phone numbers, but linked to your main number, you can purchase various types of phone numbers (1800, local, International) and link to your personal phone number.

There are several use cases where people require multiple phone numbers. Download the Call.Net app today by going to from your mobile.